St. Margaret was an Anglo-Saxon princess who became the consort of King Malcolm III of Scotland in 1069. Margaret is chiefly remembered for her efforts on behalf of Scotland’s poor. She not only gave out large sums of money but also ensured that existing institutions redouble their efforts to provide relief for the homeless, the hungry and the orphaned. In addition, Margaret bought the freedom of those Anglo-Saxons sold into slavery by their Norman conquerors. Hence, to her title of Queen is added the still greater title for a Christian – “Helper of the Poor”.

— For All the Saints: Prayers and Readings for Saints Days, compiled by Stephen Reynolds

The Parish of St. Margaret, New Toronto, had its humble beginnings in the spring of 1906 as a mission of Christ Church, Mimico. On June 10, 1910, the cornerstone was laid, and the building was completed on June 7, 1911. The building was Consecrated on November 12, 1961 by The Right Reverend Fredrick H. Wilkinson, 7th Bishop of The Diocese of Toronto.

During the next two decades, the church was furnished, memorials and stained glass windows dedicated, and a variety of improvements made. A parish hall was constructed and dedicated on February 6, 1952. Because St. Margaret’s had played, and continues to play, an important role in the lives of its members, many additional memorials and renovations have been done.

From March to October 2010, the church underwent a $1.8 million dollar renovation project with funds provided by the Diocese of Toronto, the former Christ Church Mimico, the City of Toronto, the Anglican Foundation and various grants and donations as well as a church mortgage. These renovations brought our building up to code in all areas with a redesigned lower that accomodates a central kitchen and parish offices. The church nave itself remains relatively the same with a few changes due to additional doorways needed for the elevator that makes the building totally accessible. These improvements will be instrumental in helping St. Margaret’s to continue ministry and service in the Lakeshore community.

The Parish of St. Margaret has often been described by visitors and those seeking a church home as warm, friendly and inviting.  Our mission is to live up to  the words of  former Archbishop of Canterbury William Temple: “The Church is the only organization in the world that exists for those who do not belong to it.”  We invite you to check out the balance of our website, join us on a Sunday, and see for yourself !